"Princess is a great songwriter. She has a great sense of melody and concepts and she really knows how to blend retro with current." - LROC, Grammy Award Winning Producer

ElectrKPrincess is a songwriter, producer, ballerina, and dance music artist in Atlanta, Georgia. As a multidisciplinary music and performance artist, she intersects music, dance, and visual arts. The duality of ElectrKPrincess as a songwriter and ballet dancer provides the hybridity of ElectrKPrincess as the “lyrical ballerina.” She combines the elegance and grace of ballet, with her signature port de bras arm movements, ambient and dream, futuristic, and synth sounds of Electronic Dance Music to create a full experience.


She made her debut in the music industry as a songwriter writing hooks for rap artists with the help of her mentors NO I.D. & LROC. Because of the heavy 80s influence in her music, NO I.D. gave her the nickname 'That 80s Chic' which has become her claim to fame as a songwriter. She has written hooks for Killer Mike, among other rap artists, and she wrote the international hit dance single "I Like It" for pop artist Mika featuring Freak Nasty. ElectrKPrincess has collaborated with and work with award-winning producers including LROC, NO I.D., the Legendary Traxster, Travis Cherry of the Platinum Brothers and Bellringer to name a few. 

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